Data Collection Smart Form

Smart Form is a very useful tool to collect data online. Per Smart Form, you will be able to create an online form and publish it to internet within 5 minutes! Smart Form includes following features:

  • Basic Questions
  • Customized Questions
  • Question Reuse
  • Display Types of Questions
  • Question Group Management
  • Form Publish
  • Reply Notification
Link Tracking

Link Tracking is a service that helps you track clicks of links in your web pages and emails. Besides, if you apply Smart Form at the same time or append email address to the link, you will know who click those links. Link Tracking includes follow features:

  • Link Builder
  • Email Transfer
  • Parameter Transfer
Data Management Data Deduplication

Your database will have no duplicate data and the data of a company and contact could be updated always.

Extended Profile invented a mechanism to extend company and contact’s profile. You can add any property you like to a company or contact and it’s unlimited.

  Behavior Logs

Any interaction between your customers and our services will be recorded and we provide related tools for you to retrieve contact lists according to those logs.

  • Form Log
  • Link Log
Data Analysis Complete Reports provides various reports for our services and it is easy for you to analyze and measure campaign results.

  • Overview Report
  • List Report
  • Personal Report
  • History Report
Form Filter

Form Filter is a great tool to integrate all campaigns and activities horizontally. You can use Form Filter to find out contacts who replied specific forms before and those contacts should have higher possibility to become your customers in the future.

  Link Filter

Link Filter can help you find out contacts who clicked specific links before. It’s highly recommended to apply Link Tracking and Smart Form in the same project to optimize the results.

  Column Selector
  In List Report, you can choose which columns will be displayed in the page and this setting will be saved in our system so that you don’t have to change it from time to time.
  Profile Filter
  Except “Form Filter” and “Link Filter”, you can use “Profile Filter” to do a more specific search in contacts. For example, You can search contacts by their “Department” or “Gender”. Of couse you can search contacts by answers of customized questions. For example, if you created a customized question to record which mobile phone brand your customers use, then you can use this filter to find out who use “iPhone”, “HTC” or “Nokia".