Item Price Currency Purchase
W Point - 1,500 Points 50 USD Please log in
W Point - 2,500 Points 83.3 USD Please log in
W Point - 4,200 Points 140 USD Please log in
W Point - 100 Points
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3.3 USD Please log in
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Services that you can use W Points to enable:

  Smart Form
Smart Form
Smart Form
Smart Form
Points 0 1,500 2,500 4,200
  • Questions: 5
  • Respondents: 10
  • Time: 30 Days
  • Questions: 15
  • Respondents: 300
  • Time: 90 Days
  • Questions: 30
  • Respondents: 600
  • Time: 180 Days
  • Questions: unlimited
  • Respondents: unlimited
  • Time: 365 Days
Features All versions include complete features!

How to use W Points:

How to use W Points



  • What is "W Point" ?
    "W Point" is a special point which is used to enable services in Each of our service need specific "W Points" to enable it, please make sure how many points you need before you purchase. "W Point" will expire, so it's possible for you to purchase some points and use them later.
  • What is "Smart Form"?
    Smart Form is a service that helps you build any kind of online form you want such as registration form and survey. Smart Form not only help you collect customer data, but also help you manage it.
  • Complete features of Smart Form:
    • Data Collection:
      • Form builder
      • Question reuse
      • Avoid Duplication
      • Update submitted data
      • Complete Reports
    • Data Management:
      • Update contact profile
      • Extended contact profile
      • Manage company profile
      • Extended company profile
      • Contact history