Example: New Product Seminar Example: New Product Seminar

This example show you several display types of questions including text, email, multiple selection and time.

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  • Avoid duplication:
    Are you afraid of duplicate data when a user submits twice? Don't worry! Marketing Extreme provides a mechanism to avoid this problem! The tip is include "Email" fields in your form and data of a contact will be kept updated.
  • Update submitted data:
    After you submit the form, please close your browser and visit the form again. You'll find out how convinient our service is! All data you submitted to a form will be retrieved and you don't have to fill in all fields again. Moreover, if your form doesn't include a "Email" field, this service can still help you avoide duplication.
  • Real-time reports:
    Marketing Extreme provides several useful reports for you. Here is an example.

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