Creating an online form in 5 minutes

It takes you only several easy steps to create your own online form:

  • Create a campaign
    If you have a campaign already, you can even skip this step.
  • Create a form
    Just click the "New" button in "Activities" block to create a form.
  • Add questions in the form
    Select a form and then click "Questions" button to edit questions of that form.

That's it!

  • List Report:
    You can find who answered a specific question or a option.
  • Personal Report:
    You can review all answers of a contact.
  • Download Report:
    Of course you can download detailed report in Excel format.
Data Management

We have invented several ways to do Data Management and they help you manage your data (leads) more efficiently:

  • Avoid Data Duplication
  • Update Submitted Data
  • Groups
Label and Alias

Difference between label and alias of a question:

  • Label: 
    Default name of a question. If alias is empty, system will display label in public form.
  • Alias: 
    Another name for a question. If alias is not empty, system will display alias in public form.
    For example, it's easy to localize your questions in different forms without messing up question labels.