Comparison Table
    wikirex Google Form Note
Campaign Management Connection to marketing campaigns or projects O X Only include campaign management concept when collecting data
Manage marketing activities of a campaign O X
Data Collection Online form builder O O  
Questions reuse O X You just need to select an existing question
Question groups O X "Groups" can help you classify questions you created
Alias O X The same question could have different name in different forms. For example, you can create a question and then use it in different languages
Form duplication O V Google Form: You need to do this in google doc console
Question types O V provides special question types such as "Country", "Date" and "Time". Users just need to select a value from a drop-down box or a small calendar.
Overview report O V  
List report O V Show contacts who answered a specific question or option
Personal report O V Show all answers of a contact in a form
Download report O O  
Embeded form O V Google: Fixed width and height. User need to know HTML to change the values
Real-time preview O X  
Format filter of input O X e.g. Google could not tell integer or text
Update submitted data O X If your contacts want to revise their answers, they just need to visit the same page the system will retrieve their answers so that they don't have to start over
Avoid data duplication O X There won't be duplicate contacts in your database
Reply notification O X You can receive notification whenever a contact submits a form if you like
Redirection O X You can redirect users to another URL after they submit a form
Reminder to contact O X System can send reminder to users automatically right after they submit a form. Of course you can customize the content.
Transfer contact's profile O X This is an advanced feature. You can pass parameters even to a embeded form.
Data Management Update contact's data O V Google: update in spreadsheet, typo might happen
Extended Profile O X invented a way to extend contact or company's profile without limit
Company Management O X  
Data Analysis Form filter O X To find out contacts who submit specific forms
Link filter O X To find out contacts who click specific links
Profile filter O X To find out contacts whose profile include specific values
Column selector O X To define which columns you want to see in reports